May 15, 2014

Show #50 Playlist

Ricks Picks

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Show #50 starts with an amazing song from the 1960’s from The Chambers Brothers then on to some great blues, blues rock, some amazing Rockabilly and of course a visit to The Beatles. You will love the Rick’s Radio show today. I have tracks from The Chambers Brothers, Lightnin Hopkins, Johnny Winter, Alvin Lee, Jimmy Reed, Eric Clapton and a whole lot more. Another veritable history of rock and roll! All these tunes have been re-mastered by me for the Rick’s Radio show so you don’t have to get up and adjust the volume all the time and it is all here for your enjoyment.

So let’s get started!

I am going to start out today a bit different. I am not going to start with jazz or bebop from the early part of the last century and have chosen, instead, to start with a great song from The Chambers Brothers. It was the beginning of the psychedelic era and even the soul bands were taking a liking to the more outer space sounds that were starting to emerge. The Chambers Brothers were probably more based in R&B but this song, while combining soul, R&B and psychedelic rock really took off. This song was very popular at the time but seems to have been lost with time. So, with that in mind I present to you a very timely piece,

Chambers Brothers – Time Has Come Today

Ok, now we will move right into some classic acoustic blues from a very special collection of Lightnin Hopkins. Each one of these classics shows the beauty and east this master of the blues uses to pass stories and feelings down to us. Hopkins amazing guitar licks are only matched with his awesome deep baritone vocals. This is a slow blues set and I think you will love it. I present to you,

Lightnin Hopkins – Down There Baby

Now we are going to take the blues into the rock genre starting with the amazing rocker John Mayall. The John Mayall blues band was a staple for many blues rock bands and stood as the measure of all those that followed. We used to sit around the record player and amaze at this. In this song you will find the rock flute used and this pre-dated the entry into the music business of Jethro Tull who used the flute as the main instrument. I present to you,

John Mayall _ The Laws Must Change

Keeping the rock moving I am going right into an amazing classic rock song that was done by many groups. While Jerry Lee Lewis probably made the song famous it has been a staple for many, many groups and everyone has covered this song. I am picking a version done by that amazing Albino rocker Johnny Winters. Here the song is given some amazing treatment with his wild guitar and insane vocals. Of course there will be that inimitable guitar to take you to new heights. I present to you,

Johnny Winters – Johnny B. Goode
Ok, let’s take a bit of a slow down and get romantic with some more totally impressive guitar from a real king of blues guitar, Eric Clapton. This cut is off his Alligator album and takes you on a trip to soft sounding soaring rock anthems. I present to you,

Eric Clapton Ain’t Gonna Stand For It

Let’s rock on to Alvin Lee of the 10 Years After fame. This song is a real transition point for Rockabilly into Rock. I am using it as a bridge in the show to move from the blues-rock I just played into our weekly visit to Rockabilly. Driving beats, hot guitar, screaming blues, it all adds up so I present to you,

Alvin Lee – How Do You Do It

If you listen to Ricks Radio you know Simon Crum already. If not you will get a real earful now. Pure Rockabilly, this song talks about being the bad boy in school. Being told to stand up, sit down and shut your mouth. School was always tough in those days and respect was the word of the day but many teachers of the time were certainly taken aback by the greased back hair of the rockabilly crowd. I present to you,

Simon Crum – Stand Up Sit Down Shut Your Mouth

The time of rockabilly tied a lot of the country stars that saw rock as the new outlet for their music. Here we have Lew Williams taking you to the malt Shoppe to have a sweet taste of the life during the 1950’s. I present to you,

Lew Williams – Centipede

Jimmy Reed was another country singer who followed the path up the Rockabilly path. You can almost hear the country when that slide steel starts to play and have to understand that the slide steel moved to Rockabilly with the ease that notes move up and down the scales on that instrument. So here Jimmy talks about being the school hero for being the fastest. I present to you,

Jimmy Reed – Mister Whizz

More Rockabilly! I have a track from Hank Thompson a pure rockabilly hot rodder. This song has the roots of many others with it. So many songs were tied together with these legends. The song has a great chorus with Rockin in the Congo and Hank Thompson blended it all together for you. I present to you,

Hank Thompson – Rockin In The Congo

Think about this, these songs were before Elvis was on the scene. Elvis was brought up with these great artists and took the sound to new heights but it does not negate the fact that these sounds are what he grew with. I have Faron Young whose amazing twining on the guitar and clear vocals led him to fame during the rockabilly era. I present to you,

Faron Young – Honey Stop

Little is known about this next band and I am lucky to have the cut in my collection. We are talking about the Rio Rockers. The song is from the 50’s and was a popular hit at the time. I guess I picked this more for it being a bit about Spanish speaking nations that lend itself to my audience. The extreme use of reverb was about to get into the mainstream music and this is one of the first examples of its use. I present to you,

The Rio Rockers – Mexicali Baby

Well, I want to shout out to Pilar, Marybel, Nieves and the rest in the art classes of Lliria with one of their picks. You can always request songs from me and I will try and fit them in here. With the world at odds over the US interventions in the Ukraine I chose a song from them that can lead to a better world. I present to you,

The Beatles – We Can Work It Out