May 6, 2014

Show 49 Ricks Radio Playlist

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Show 49 starts with a classic jazz live piece from Wes Montgomery then on to some great blues and some amazing Rockabilly. I finish with a fine classic rock song that will have you loving the Rick’s Radio show. I have tracks from Lightnin Hopkins, Carl Perkins, Johnny Winter, Alvin Lee, Del Reeves and a whole lot more. Another veritable history of rock and roll! All these tunes have been re-mastered by me for the Rick’s Radio show so you don’t have to get up and adjust the volume all the time and it is all here for your enjoyment.


So let’s get started!


I am going to open the set with a great live performance by Wes Montgomery. This guy plays the guitar like no other. His mastery of scales and tonality are unsurpassed. The song is from a live Performance played in England long ago. Listen to the amazing guitar licks from the best of the best, I present to you,


Wes Montgomery – Here’s That Rainy Day


That was one great set from Wes Montgomery and I do hope you enjoyed that wild guitar. He certainly set the bar for the many guitarists that followed.


During the time of Wes Montgomery a parallel universe of blues was evolving which would soon meet with the jazz greats. I have a song keyed up for you from a selection of live acoustic performances from the great Lightnin Hopkins. Hopkins played from the heart and brought the blues to life. His unusual timing and changes made it difficult for others to play along but that did not stop him from giving his best. I present to you,


Lightnin Hopkins – Take It Easy


Oh yeah, blues. Love it. Let’s get on to some rocking blues from the great John Mayall. Oh yeah, this show is going to rock. John Mayall Blues Band was a staple requirement of any rock collection of the time. I present to you,


John Mayall – Prison On The Road


Yes, let’s keep rocking! I am going to move right into another great blues rocker, Alvin Lee. While Lee played a lot with 10 Years After he really got to show his skills as a solo act. And here I present to you,


Alvin Lee – I woke Up This Morning


Got your feet tapping yet? Well, lets get it on with the king of blues-rock, Johnny Winters. This albino brought a whole new style to the blues-rock genre and there was not a guitarist in Chicago that did not follow his licks and pick up his styles. I present to you,


Johnny Winters – Be Careful With A Fool


Well, we have heard the blues and the rock now it is time to get to some Rockabilly. What rock show would be complete without Rockabilly? Let’s start out with some classic rockabilly and I present to you,


Faron Young – When It Rains It Pours


How about someone new? I have a great rockabilly hit lined up and want to introduce you to Wanda Jackson. This girl did it all; she was a singer, songwriter, guitarist and pianist. Total artist. She was noted for mixing country with rockabilly and this song will show you why she became so famous. I present to you,


Wanda Jackson – Rock Your Baby


Let’s keep rockabilly going! I have Gene O’Quinn lined up next. A Texas honky-tonk singer who also brought the country to the rockabilly. He was happy go lucky and easygoing and a real hillbilly boogie-woogie star. I present to you,


Gene O’Quinn – Texas Boogie


One place you would never look for country music was California. This next artist’s father was a country musician too and played with the amazing Herman’s Hermit! He began his career with Capitol records back in 1946, way before I was born. So let’s get rocking and I present to you,


Cliffie Stone – Jump Rope Boogie


Rockabilly would not be complete without Carl Perkins. Perkins was an amazing talent and his whole life was surrounded by rock and roll. His home, his kids, everyone was involved in music and it really left the world a better place. I present to you,


Carl Perkins – Honky Tonk Gal


Rounding out the rockabilly theme I am cuing up a song by the amazing Del Reeves. Del made a lot of novelty songs, songs about watching girls, eating hamburgers, making good fun out of life. I present,


Del Reeves – My Baby Loves Rock


Closing out the set today are the amazing Beatles. Once these guys came into the American musical lexicon there was no coming back. Now with spring full on here, sun is shining, warm weather, flowers, fruits, everything growing I can think of no better song to play for you so I present,


The Beatles – Good Day Sunshine