April 23, 2014

Show 47 Ricks Radio Playlist

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Show number 47 starts with some classic jazz live from London on to some great blues, a bit of Rockabilly, classic oldies with a fine ending that will have you loving the Rick’s Radio show. I have tracks from Wes Montgomery, John Mayall, Lightnin Hopkins, Gene Vincent, Carl Perkins and a whole lot more. It’s a veritable history of rock and roll! All these tunes have been re-mastered by me for the Rick’s Radio show so you don’t have to get up and adjust the volume all the time and it is all here for your enjoyment.


So let’s get started!


My first track is, of course, jazz and by jazz I mean some mean guitar. I have an old track of Wes Montgomery from a live performance he gave in London way back in the 1950’s. Wes Montgomery was an amazing guitar player and I was so impressed with him I had Gibson build me a custom L5 back in the early 1970’s. The guy really had it down. His use of octaves in his lead guitar solos is impressive. So let’s get on with this amazing old live recording. I present to you,


Wes Montgomery – Sonny Boy


That was some amazing piano besides having some of the best guitar licks. Go Wes Montgomery!


On to the blues! Yeah, who better today that John Mayall and is all Blues band all-stars?? Here is a real freeform blues jam that features all the blues greats from Chicago. John was a real jammer and a great example of the blues from his time. I present to you,


John Mayall – Good Time Boogie


Oh yeah, I have this amazing acoustic set of Lightnin Hopkins and I want to share a few of the tracks with you in the coming weeks. Recorded way back this song has you in a live intimate setting with one of the most influential blues artists. I just love this guy. I present to you,


Lightnin Hopkins – Black Cat


Well, well, let’s go back again and visit some more live John Mayall. John did a lot to bring the blues to popularity in the 1960’s. It is not just guitar music; you will find some of the hottest saxophone anywhere and all of it swinging to the blues. I present to you,


John Mayall – Television Eye


Hey, my next artist has the privilege of appearing on the second show of American Bandstand! We are talking about some major rockabilly teen crooners. I have a little set of rockabilly lined up. This genre was what Elvis Presley was all about. You can hear the influence these amazing rockers when you listen to Elvis. I present to you,


Kenny Loran – I Chickened Out



Well, Gene Vincent was the king of rockabilly and this next song shows him at his rocker best. Elvis worked a lot with Vincent and you can certainly hear where the king of rock got that influence in this next song. You can see Elvis’ hips gyrating if you close your eyes. I present to you,


Gene Vincent – Woman In Love


Hank Thompson was more known in the country music scene but his music is really a cross of rock and rockabilly played by a country boy. This features some really nice slide steel guitar, something that was really making its way into mainstream music from this era. I present to you,


Hank Thompson – A Sixpack To Go


He may have died in a plane crash touring the nation but Buddy Holly left a rock legacy few could attain. With the advent of whites doing rock Buddy was a refreshing breath for parents in the USA since they really had an aversion to black music. I remember in the 60’s rocking at the malt shops and I think many Americans at this time were dancing to this tune. I present to you,


Buddy Holly – Runaround Sue


In 1954 a big black man came on stage to introduce Rock and Roll to the world. Rock and roll would never have happened without this guy. It is interesting that Big Joe Turner worked with Albert Ammons and Meade Lux Lewis, artists I have already introduced you to with my jazz mixes. Well, listen to this 60-year-old song as I present to you,


Big Joe Turner – Shake Rattle And Roll


This next artist is one of the greats. He played a lot with Elvis Presley and one has to wonder if he was the sideman or Elvis was? I have Carl Perkins doing one of his coolest songs of the 60’s. You can really hear the sound of rock at the beginning and learning about where the music came from is always important. I present to you,


Carl Perkins – Memphis Tennessee


OK, let’s give you a closing track that is close to what the next show plays, a bit of hard rocking electric guitar. I picked Johnny Winters to do this and hope Pilar is not mad that I am not popping a Beatles song in here but I am hooked on blues and rockabilly today. So I am giving you the best with Johnny Winters at the helm with a great song, I present to you,


Johnny Winters – The Crawl