April 9, 2014

Show #45 Playlist

Ricks Picks

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Show #45 is going to go from old classic jazz songs on to some great blues, a bit of Rockabilly, classic oldies and, of course, a fine ending that will have you loving Rick’s Radio show. I have tracks from Jazz At The Philharmonic, Elmore James, Big Mama Thornton, John Lee Hooker, The Animals, Little Richard, The Beatles and a whole lot more. All these tunes have been re-mastered by me for the Rick’s Radio show and it is all here for your enjoyment.


So let’s get started!


I have a great track from a series of concerts called Jazz At The Philharmonic. I picked out a track that really says blues bob with highlights from Lionel Hampton and Dizzy Gillespie with some amazing guitar in the there from Charlie Christian too. I present to you,


Jazz At The Philharmonic – Crazy Rhythm


Oh yeah, my next track has the fabulous Elmore James. Elmore James is the king of blues slide guitar and here he plays some boogie with a saxophone edge. I am happy to present to you,


Elmore James – Sax Only Boogie


When you think larger than life vocals with the blues you come up with Big Mama Thornton. Here you can hear her playing the great Muddy Waters band. The band plays a great set in total sync with Big Mama’s vocals. It is almost like they each have the same feelings at the same time. True synergy. I present to you,


Big Mama Thornton & Muddy Waters – Everything’s Going To Be Alright


Yousa, I have a real treat lined up next. How about one of the grandfathers of the blues? Clarence Gatemouth Brown epitomizes the blues artists from the south. Depending more on their guitar and soul to guide their music they defy structure for form. I present to you,


Clarence Gatemouth Brown – Boogie Rambler


Oh John Lee Hooker! How I love this guy. I have him on almost every show I do and never had to repeat a song. His artful guitar licks and soulful lyrical vocals take you to the roots of Blues from America. I present to you,


John Lee Hooker – Sally Mae


Here is another new blues artist I want to introduce you to. I always try and bring you the roots of music and Jerry Arnold is one of them. As a pioneer in Rockabilly, the genre that brought us Elvis Presley, Jerry is something special. I present to you,


Jerry Arnold – Three Months To Kill


Following in the Rockabilly theme I have Billy Brown lined up next. Here you can trace the sounds of Elvis from his vocal bent to the rhythms that made him famous. Often left in the back end of music anthology the importance of Rockabillys’ contribution to the Rock genre cannot be ignored. I present to you,


Billy Brown – Flip Out


Back in the early 1960’s Chicago became a focus of the emergence of the blues-rock genre. Blues was being taken by bands and individuals into the new Rock genre to make a blend of music that took a generation by storm. At the head of this were names like Mike Bloomfield and Paul Butterfield. I have a great track that epitomizes this movement and I present to you,


Paul Butterfield Blues Band – Born In Chicago


Well I am trying to get you into the rhythm and tapping your feet. I have a track by The Animals and no; it is not House of The Rising Sun. The Animals had several names including Eric Burden and The Animals. It was an ego-tripping war but here I am going to present the band. So, I present to you,


The Animals – Gin House Blues


There are only a couple wild crazy rock and roll piano players to mention in the historical annals of Rock history. One of them is Little Richard. With his slicked back pompadour, his wild facial makeup and his wide eyes Little Richard is sure to get you on your feet and shake your booty maker. I present to you,


Little Richard – Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin On


Back in the 60’s there were a lot of bands that really only had one hit. It made the expression One Hit Wonder come into its own. One of the most popular songs of that era was done by a group with only a few hits and I present to you,


The Nashville Teens – Tobacco Road


This next track lends itself more to folk and folk-rock than you usually hear on my shows. But I do love this band and mainly for the good time music they play. Something to dance away on a sunny day I present to you,


Lovin Spoonful – Do You Believe In Magic


Okay, well my good friend Pilar in L’Eliana is still stuck at home after some pretty harsh foot surgery so I am trying to get her favorite band into the show each week since she is always listening. So listen Pilar, here is a great hit by the Beatles to try and get you on your feet with a hidden message about getting back to classes. I present to you,


The Beatles – Get Back