April 2, 2014

Show #44 Playlist

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Show 44 is going to go from some old classic jazz songs on to some great blues, a bit of Rockabilly, classic oldies with a fine ending that will have you loving Rick’s Radio show. I have tracks from Lionel Hampton, Cab Calloway, Big Mama Thornton, Clarence Gatemouth Brown, The Beatles and a whole lot more. All these tunes have been re-mastered by me for the Rick’s Radio show and it is all here for your enjoyment.


So let’s get started!


Let’s start out with the great vibraphonist Lionel Hampton. It was in the late 1930’s, before WWII and we find such greats as Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Christian and Lionel Hampton all working together. I have this amazing track lined up of a live performance from that time representing the Hot Mallets series done for Bluebird Records.


Give a listen now to the amazing vibraphone of Lionel Hampton as I present to you,


Lionel HamptonHot Mallets


Sticking with the 1930’s lets visit the great Cab Calloway. If you watched the fabulous Blues Brothers movies back in the last millennium you might remember him in his trademark white Zoot suit performing Mini The Moocher. This track has Cab Calloway doing some of his finest scat singing and you can hear the amazing trumpet of Dizzy Gillespie in the mix. I present to you,


Cab CallowayTopsy Turvy


This next track continues the early Jazz theme but steps into the 1950’s with the teaming up of Bill Harris & Charlie Ventura. Bill Harris was an amazing jazz trombonist; you know the horn with the slide? He is mostly known for his amazing tonal qualities that he gets out of that Trombone. Well here he teams up with Charlie Ventura a top saxophonist. So with this amazing duo of horn players I present to you,


Bill Harris & Charlie VenturaMordido


Moving along now with the saxophone I am tracking up a great song by Jerry Mulligan. Mulligan started to bring jazz into newer strata with a new feel called “cool jazz.” I picked one of his tracks that lead us into the next genre of music, blues. I present to you,


Jerry Mulligan Blues



Oh yah, the blues! To tie all this together I move to a great American rhythm and blues artist who tied swing to the blues genre. Lucky Millinder is like the missing link between big band and the upcoming R&B blues music. A full sound blues. So give a listen to this sound as I present to you,


Lucky Millinder – Oh Little John Special


Well, we are now traveling right into the heart of the blues with the amazing vocals of Big Mama Thornton while combined with the amazing blues of the famous Muddy Waters Band. This combination of Thornton’s deep clear blues vocals and the talent of the Muddy Waters band makes for some thrilling music. I present to you,


Big Mama Thornton Muddy Waters BandBig Mama’s Blues


Ok, I am going to stick with the big blues babes with some amazing blues vocals from Maria Muldaur. This great voice was brought up in the famous Greenwich Village of New York City and her gutsy voice borders on folk from a blues perspective. I present to you,


Maria MuldaurGet Up Get Ready


Onto pure blues now. I have played a couple tunes from this next blues legend and intend to do a lot more. What kind of blues show would not? With his deep roots and legendary soul vocals Gatemouth Brown brings the blues to a new height. With his guitar in hand we just cannot ignore the contribution this individualistic artist brings to the blues table. I present to you,


Clarence Gatemouth BrownGuitar In My Hand


In the world of great blues artist stands Elmore James, the king of the blues slide guitar. While the slide steel was brought to the nations through the Hawaiian steel guitarists, it really had its home in the blues. He was a precursor to Muddy Waters and B.B. King so listen close to the wild guitar licks as I present to you,


Elmore JamesStranger Blues


Well, this next artist personifies the 60’s Chicago born blues artists. None other than Mike Bloomfield. While I was growing up in Chicago during the 60’s Bloomfield was the man to follow. His smooth blues licks kicked butt and he was such a name we all paid homage to the man. I present to you one of his finest blues recordings,


Mike BloomfieldKilling Floor


So let’s really wind the show up with a couple 60’s rock hits. With their top 40 hits of the times Eric Burdon’s The Animals were part of the British Invasion music. But Eric really is just a product of the Chicago sound and all of these guys made Chicago a sort of base to explore the best of the blues. I present to you,


The AnimalsSee See Rider


Oh yeah, another big shout out to Pilar in L’Eliana as I cue up another hit by the Beatles. In all their many years of recordings I do not think any of their songs were not hits. But I pick this next track because in these hard times where governments have been co-opted by their corporate bank owners to pass their gambling losses down the public it has a message that needs to be refreshed today. I present to you,


The Beatles Revolution