March 26, 2014

Show 43 Playlist Rick’s Radio Show

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Today’s show is going to go from just one old classic jazz song that is once again a bit long. I go on to some great blues, a bit of funkadelic, classic rock and a fine ending that will have you loving Rick’s Radio show. I have tracks from Woody Herman, Charlie Christian, Albert Ammons, Elmore James, John Lee Hooker, The Beatles and a whole lot more. All these tunes have been re-mastered by me for the Rick’s Radio show and it is all here for your enjoyment.


So let’s get started!


I am opening again with some great big band bebop from the 1940’s. Who better to start with than the famous Woody Herman? He was one of the top big band leaders of the era and brought many famous musicians to the forefront of listeners everywhere. He was a born entertainer and used his love of show business to great success. I have keyed up for you one of many live performances from my collection that was done in 1936 so I present to you,


Woody Herman & His Orchestra – Down Under


Next on the play list I have a great combo for you. Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Christian. What an amazing combination. Charlie Christian was the first man to popularize electric guitar with big band bebop. His guitar licks continue to inspire many a rock guitarist today. Add to that the trumpet virtuoso Dizzy Gillespie and you have a recipe for great music. I present to you,


Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Christian – Lips Flips (Stompin At The Savoy)


Well, next up I have none other than Albert Ammons. If you listen to Rick’s Radio Show you are not stranger to Ammons and know he can tickle the keyboards to the delight of any lover of music. Listen closely and you can hear all the rockers and blues played in the 60’s and beyond but this song is recorded live in the early 40’s. So I present to you,


Albert Ammons – Sixth Ave Express


All right, let’s move on to some classic old blues from the early 1940’s. I have lined up the king of the slide guitar, Elmore James. James played a lot in Chicago and picked up with all the amazing blues from that era and location. Ahh good old Chicago. I present to you,


Elmore James – Sinful Woman


John Lee Hooker! Oh yeah, I just love John Lee Hooker. I am always playing his stuff and today will be no different. He had his own style of blues, more of a blues rap and perhaps he is the inspiration of today’s rapper. I present to you,


John Lee Hooker – Hobo Blues


Next on my list is the amazing Lightnin Hopkins. I guess I love this guy since he uses a finger picking style that came from his roots in folk music. He once shared a stage with Pete Seeger and Joan Baez. I present to you,


Lightnin Hopkins – Coffee House Blues


I have a great song lined up next. It is the amazing blues singer Big Mama Thornton with the Muddy Waters band backing her up. Recorded in the 1960’s the combination of Muddy and Big Mama Thornton was her second record and together these blues giants set the pole way up there for quality and soul. I present to you,


Big Mama Thornton Muddy Waters Band – Big Mama’s Bumble Bee Blues


Let’s continue the play list with another great female blues vocalist, Maria Muldaur. While her roots were from the Greenwich Village folk scene her gutsy vocals belie her blues underbelly. Here she sings about a three-dollar bill, it sort of means counterfeit money and is about relationships with no real value. I present to you,


Maria Muldaur – Three Dollar Bill


One of the great blues artists to come out of Chicago and personifying the Chicago blues and rock scene was Michael Bloomfield. His amazing touch on the guitar had all of us mesmerized. His recordings were responsible for bringing more people to understanding the blues as the rock era started. I present to you,


Michael Bloomfield – I’ve Got My Mojo Working


Let’s take a wander back in time to the blues bars in the 1930’s. I have a rare track of Pete Brown with Maxine Sullivan. Here you can listen to some of the greatest live jazz blues music of that time. This is way back when. With a great vocal track and Pete playing background sax it is one great song. I present to you,


Pete Brown & His Band – The Cannonball


The sixties brought so much great blues rock it is always hard to choose songs that epitomize the era and genre. But here you have the great Paul Butterfield who was instrumental in getting blues and rock to blend. So I present to you,


Paul Butterfield – Mystery Train


Ok, shall we touch on some other music that can get your feet moving? I mean if Butterfield did not do it then maybe you need to have some funk mixed with your blues? I have a couple great funkadelic artists for you and why not start with Gill Scott Heron? Here is a song with funky syncopated beats that combines rock, blues, soul and mixes it in with funk. I present to you none other than,


Gill Scott Heron – Fast Lane


Next I have some pure funk for you. Leaving the R&B and soul part behind we move to pure funk and amazing syncopated beats. There has never been a more funky band that The Meters. Coming out of the bar scene down in New Orleans where they made spring break a year round attraction the Meters gave it all to funk, I present to you,


The Meters – Tippi Toes


Back in the sixties the blues and rock scene had its share of psychedelic bands. Bands that took many genres and mixed them up to make new sounds. Here you can find the funk we were just listening to and mix in the hard rock and a touch of the psychedelic. I present to you,


Quicksilver Messenger Service – Smoking Sound


OK, a big shout out to Pilar in L’Eliana! Here comes your sun! I have, for the last song on my show this week The Beatles. To make it something special it has to relate to the whole show and I think this next pick says it all. I present to you,


The Beatles – Magical Mystery Tour


That was The Beatles and Magical Mystery Tour and that is really what this show is all about. It is always a mystery what I will be playing for you but it will never be boring. I try to take you for a wide variety of years and sounds that may allow you to follow the path of jazz, blues and rock as it evolved to the music we all love today.