March 12, 2014

Show #42 Playlist

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Show #42 is going to go from just one old classic jazz song that is once again a bit long, but don’t worry, I do go on to some great blues, a bit of Rockabilly, classic oldies with a fine ending that will have you loving Rick’s Radio show. I have tracks from The Bopland Boys, Lightning Hopkins, Gene Vincent, Eric Clapton, The Beatles and a whole lot more. All these tunes have been re-mastered by me for the Rick’s Radio show and it is all here for your enjoyment.


So let’s get started!


Once again I am starting with a long live set by a wild jazz group from the 40’s. This group played during the war years and this cut was released in 1947. It features Dexter Gordon on saxophone. Also featured on this are Charlie Parker and Wardell Grey so listen for the saxophone duel! Amazing music from 80 years ago! I present to you,


The Bopland Boys – After Hours Bop


Ok, after that long jazz set I think we are ready to head right into the blues. Who better that the like of Lightnin Hopkins? Hopkins is a guitarist poet whose music was sort of like blues rap. His guitar playing is just amazing and his songs just ring with authentic blues. In this song he is asking his woman to come along home with him. Let’s give a listen as I present to you,


Lightnin Hopkins – Come Go Home With Me


If you were playing the blues in the 1960’s you either were a part of this mans band or you were an avid fan trying to copy him. John Mayall launched so many other blues artists it would be hard to count them all here. I present to you,


John Mayall – Gasoline Blues


Gene Vincent was a pioneer of rockabilly and rock and roll. He was a regular on almost every radio station from the time and his songs sung by millions. He has the privilege of being both a rockabilly star and a rock and roll star straddling both genres with no problems. I present to you,


Gene Vincent – You Told A Fib


If you have not heard of Eric Clapton, then you must be from another planet. He played with Mayall, The Yardbirds and finally broke off on his own leaving Jimmy Page to that band. I present to you,


Eric Clapton – Boogie Funk


The Newbeats were the product of Dean and Mark Mathis out of Georgia. As little kids they learned how to play the guitar and soon were off to make music history.  I found this little hit of theirs in my collection. It was written by Larry Parks and Jay Turnbow and brought this band to stardom. Here is the 1960’s hit as I present to you,


The Newbeats – Bread and Butter


Eddie Bond recorded for Mercury Records and toured with Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Warren Smith and many others. He was the butt of a joke for having rejected the then 18-year-old Elvis Presley, who was auditioning for Bond’s band.  I present to you,


Eddie Bond – Rockin’ Daddy



Billy Brown was a Rockabilly artist from West Virginia. He is best known for the songs Did We Have a Party (1957) and Flip Out (1958) for Columbia Records. I present to you,


Billy Brown – Flip Out


In 1954, a group of friends who grew up together in Ferndale, Michigan, a northern suburb bordering Detroit, came together to make music.

Billy Henderson, Henry Fambrough, Pervis Jackson, C. P. Spencer and Bobby Smith got together and became the Detroit Spinners. They released a lot of hits and here is one of them. I present to you,


Detroit Spinners – The Rubberband Man


Well, last week I left the Beatles out of the show, so I am sorry Pilar, I will now make it up. I am not sure I can give anymore about the fab four than what is already out there. But these guys were famous because they were the first group to write and perform almost all their own material. So, here is something different and something that John Lennon loved, rock and I present to you,


The Beatles – Long Tall Sally


As we near spring and of course the end of the show I have dreams of travel and one of the first places I went to when I left the USA was Morocco and it was because of this song. Here I present to you,


Crosby Stills Nash Marrakech Express