March 5, 2014

Show #41 Playlist

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Show #41  is going to go from some old classic jazz and I chose a song that you will not hear on other radio shows because it is a bit long, so don’t worry I go on to some great blues, a bit of Rockabilly, classic oldies with a fine ending that will have you wanting to come back to Rick’s Radio show. I have some tracks from Bop Jam All Stars, Ray Charles, Maria Muldaur, Johnny Winter, Rose Maddox and a whole lot more. All these tunes have been re-mastered by me for the Rick’s Radio show and it is all here for your enjoyment.


So let’s get started!


This first track contains the famous Al Killian, Barney Kessel and Russ Freeman who got together to record as Bop Jam All Stars. It is a long track, but stay with me here as you will hear some great saxophone, wailing clarinets, and intricate piano licks as this band takes you on some wild musical gyrations. Don’t worry I will be going to some blues and rockabilly later in the show but want to take you to the big band past where much of the instrumentals for it were introduced. I present to you,


Bop Jam All Stars – What Is This Thing Called Love


Next up I have a special group who got together as the Just Bop All Stars in 1946 to play at the Philharmonic. The group has Buck Clayton, Charlie Parker and Wardell Grey and once again you have some wailing saxophone, guitar, clarinets, piano, and great instrumentals that inspired the blues and jazz players for years. I present to you,


Just Bop All Stars – C Jam Blues


No stranger to the Rick’s Radio show is Ray Charles whose tragic fate did not stop him from expanding his talents into being one of the most prolific and amazing talents of the time. Here is one of his top hits and I present to you,


Ray Charles – Hit The Road Jack


Oh yeah, I love this guy, Lightnin Hopkins. He was a legendary guitarist and singer and played blues all over the USA. If you listen to my show I am always playing his songs and so it is now. Last week I played his piano boogie and today I present to you his guitar boogie. I present to you,


Lightning Hopkins – Lightnin’s Guitar Boogie


Here is a pure folk blues singer songwriter who will tickle your fancy. Born in Greenwich Village, NY, the heart of folk and art culture from that era she was in the center of the world of folk and rock. She has over 3 decades in the music industry and a slew of great hits. I present to you,


Maria Muldaur – Me & My Chauffer Blues


DO you remember 10 Years After? I guess I should play a few tracks from them someday but in the meantime I am concentrating on Alvin Lee their lead guitarist. Here he is on his own band playing the music he loves. Alvin is a legend and a really nice guy. I present to you,


Alvin Lee – I Don’t Give A Damn


OK, back to my favorite Albino rocker, Johnny Winter. The last few weeks I have been giving you some of his tracks to bring you to this great talent. Go and get his music!


Johnny Winter – Divin’ Duck


Now we are going to move on to some real Rockabilly. I have Lew Williams who played with everybody from the era. He played with Floyd Cramer, Porter Wagoner and Hoyt Johnson. His first hits were in the early 50’s and he played on through the decade. I present to you,


Lew Williams – Abracadabra


Here is a nice slow rocker of a Rockabilly song from Jimmy Reed. Check out the harmonica in this one. Here is another great rockabilly song done by Jimmy Reed. The song has been covered by so many but none do it better than Johnny Reed. Released in 1960 this rockabilly hit should get your feet tapping out and let’s see if you can dance to it. I present to you,


Jimmy Reed – Big Boss Man


On this next track I have Rose Maddox whose great voice will soon take you on a ride through rockabilly history. Rose was a country singer and songwriter and plays the fiddle. But this music will take you right into the 50’s and 60’s malt shops and her clear voice will certainly win you over so get with it. I present to you,


Rose Maddox – Move It On Over


Back in the 50’s and 60’s you could get a telephone that was a party line. That meant it was a shared phone line with your neighbors. While it was not nice to listen to your neighbors of the phone many people did. As young people we could talk to each other for free that way too. I present to you,


Johnny Fallin – Party Line


OK, I am going to close out the show with some 1950’s rock and roll. Here is a real greaser giving you a real treat. You just might remember this song as it has a sound copied by many a band. I present to you,


Jeff Daniels – Daddy – O Rock