December 4, 2013

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On today’s show I am going to give you a wide variety of music starting from where I left off last week. Let’s see what I have lined up. I have Bob Dylan, The Beach Boys, B.B. King, Lionel Hampton, John Lee Hooker, Jimmy Dean, and a lot more. All this great classic jazz, boogie, and rock music is all lined up and ready for your listening pleasure. It is another great music anthology I mixed just for you.

I am going to start out with a bit more sixties before I bring us back to our main blues format with an all time favorite, Bob Dylan. This is the first track of his famous Blonde on Blonde album and it is something Bob would rather not talk about anymore. It is one of his more hallucinogenic compositions because “everyone must get stoned.”

I present to you,


Bob Dylan – Rainy Day Women #12 & 35


For today’s final selection from the psychedelic sixties music I bring us back to the Beach Boys. This song sort of exemplifies the era and ideals of the hippie sixties so I present to you,


The Beach Boys – Good Vibrations


Alright, now lets get back to our regular selections with a great hit from the famous B.B. King. No one exemplifies the blues more than B.B. King, the gentleman of blues. In this song he asks just how deep the blues can be. I present to you,


B.B. King – How Blue Can You Get


Moving right along because we want more music and less words I bring you John Lee Hooker. While Hooker is not from the 30’s or 40’s he certainly can stand up with the classic players. Listen to John Lee wail about how his first wife left, I present to you,


John Lee Hooker – My First Wife Left Me


Moving on, let’s see what we can dig up to boogie the night away. I have, of all people, Lionel Hampton. Hampton was a pianist, vibraphonist, percussionist and, of course, a band leader. He is a legendary jazz artist and here we have a boogie-woogie track that will get your feet moving even today. I present to you,


Lionel Hampton – Tempo’s Boogie


Oh yeah, Jimmy Dean, who can forget the profound music of this artist. This next track had all of us, in our teens, singing in the streets. With the dance hall in the background I present to you,


Jimmy Dean – Big Bad John


Back before Tina Turned became a big singer and movie star she was married to an A&R guy from a recording company named Ike Turner. Turned out Ike was not to like as he beat his wife profoundly. But that did not stop her from turning out hits like this, I present to you,


Ike & Tina Turner – My Guy


Now is the time of this show where I am giving you a great collection of bands playing the song “Louie Louie.” Each week about mid way through the show I have been giving you a track of the famous song “Louie Louie.” This song was composed by Richard Berry and was taken to first fame by a version by The Kingsmen in 1963. I am now going to give a version of this song by


Jr. Cadillac – Louie, Louie


Let’s roll on over to my old friend Muddy Waters. Man, I just keep remembering the stop light I was waiting at where I first met Muddy Waters. He was in a big green 1958 Oldsmobile. A big car for a big man. Why is it that the best old bluesmen have huge ham hock hands? Anyway, I present to you,


Muddy Waters – Goin’ Home


Keeping with the blues we move to the man who sold his soul to the devil, Robert Johnson. Johnson was a huge influence on the rockers who came after him, like The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and more. He was a wild drunk and a profound womanizer but here he is wailing about loosing at love. I present to you,


Robert Johnson – Love In Vain


Moving back to some boogie-woogie to get you back on your feet and tapping out the sounds I have a track from Lofton Clarence who was a huge influence on boogie-woogie music. So many people heard this giant of music but do not know who he is which is why I keep giving you more and more of him and the other greats of boogie-woogie. I present to you,


Lofton Cripple Clarence – I Don’t Know


If you were a teen in the sixties and heading down to the local malt shop to drink a few and hang out picking up chicks you heard this song. Tommy Row brought us a song about a girl we all once knew and I present to you,


Tommy Roe – Sheila


Sticking with the sweetheart theme let’s move on with Chuck Berry. Chuck was a bit strange even though he brought us rock music that lives on and stimulated many future generations of musicians. He had a thing for a second cousin who was only 16 (although some say she was only 14 at the time they were married) and I present to you,


Chuck Berry – Sweet Little Sixteen


OK, lets get us some real rebel music. This band is from Brisbane, Australia and as one of the few exports of hillbilly rock they stood out with a sort of cult status. Sure they are from the 80’s punk movement but we cover all of this up to the new millennium. So I present to you,


Riptides – Machine Gun


That’s all the time I have right now and it is now time to close the show and pop this cork scene. I want to thank everyone for making this show possible and to the great artists who played the music. Register and comment about the shows. Let me know what you like and what you want to hear more of. I have a pretty large collection of music and you will be hearing more of it as we go along.

Tune in next week when I bring you more great and special music. I am going to go back to our roots of jazz, blues and roots rock. Yep, that means some great songs from great artists and all of them will rock your socks off. So remember to tune in, turn on and drop by for more great songs from histories greatest artists! So thanks again for tuning in and see you next week!

Bye all!