September 11, 2013

September 11 Playlist

Ricks Picks

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Welcome to Rick’s Radio Show where I give you some of the finest blues, jazz and classic rock and roll you can find in Spain. Today’s show has a focus on the end of summer, summer vacation, summer love and stuff like that. These are songs that herald the end of summer and, for many, the change of relationships. Listen to the tracks I picked out and see if you can tell the story.


Just a word to make sure you know that there is a website for all this at You can find all the information about these shows there and complete play lists that have just about all the information I give on radio plus it is translated to Spanish for all my fans in Spain. Big shout out to Radio Turia for bringing this show live to the Valencia province.


Well in a few words, the summer is ending in a couple days. But that does not mean the end of life, as we know it or really anything other than pulling out the sweaters for the chilled out evenings. As that case may be I am going to start out with a great song for the famous John Lee Hooker that will let us carry on after a long hot summer. I present to you,


John Lee Hooker – Gonna Boogie


I don’t know about you but the summer changed my relationship and I am now again a single guy without any lover. Anyone out there in the boat as me? As the relationship was ending I tried my hardest to convince my woman of 10 years to stay and make a go of it, to no avail. This next song, from the heavy blues voice of John Primer, just might say what I could not. I present to you,


John Primer – Come Back Baby


In the light of many whose summer loves continue into the fall I congratulate you. I will give you a track by a group of sixties weirdoes who were right on track and bringing some of the most outrageous rock, The Doors. I present to you,


The Doors – Love Street


OK folks, how about just taking a bit of a twirl on the dance floor? Shall we now visit with that amazing talent of Little Richard? The pompadour rocker who could easily be classified as the first of the glam rockers I present to you,


Little Richard – Slippin and Slidin


Now that the summer is over we need some assurances that spending more time inside and wearing sweaters, jackets, and soon gloves will not make life harder. My old Evanston buddy Muddy Waters just might have the answer to our prayers. Let’s give a good listen to,

Muddy Waters – Everything Gonna Be Alright


Oh yeah, as we move along in this show I want to continue with the roots blues by picking another great track from Robert Johnson. Now we enter the church of the holy blues hounds to listen to the master preach the blues. Testify as I introduce to you,


Robert Johnson – Preaching Blues


Yeah baby, testify and let’s move up a few notches into the more popular teen beat music of the 50’s and 60’s with The Coasters. With this song the band emphasized the various groups, or cliques that formed in the high schools at those days, and even might have correlation to things today. Greasers and colligates, public school and private, the wars went on. So I want to present to you,


The Coasters – Poison Ivy League


In the early summer of 1959, Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs recorded in a Quonset hut on Shakespeare Road in Columbia. The band recorded several tracks that the band had hoped would give them a hit. One of the last tracks that they recorded that day was “Stay”, a song that Williams had written a couple of weeks before. The song was pressed and released in early 1960. “Stay” is the shortest recording ever to reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United State. I present to you


Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs – Stay


Now is the time of this show where I am giving you a great collection of bands playing the song “Louie Louie.” Each week about mid way through the show I have been giving you a track of the famous song “Louie Louie.” This song was composed by Richard Berry and was taken to first fame by a version by The Kingsmen in 1963. I am now going to give a version of this song by


Feelies – Louie Louie


Now I want to return to the Doors. This song says it all as we say goodbye to our amazing vacations, beaches, and long mornings in bed. I present,


The Doors – Summers Almost Gone


Frankie” Lymon was an American rock and roll/rhythm and blues singer and songwriter, best known as the boy soprano lead singer of the New York City-based early rock and roll group, The Teenagers. The group was composed of five boys, all in their early to mid teens, and may be the first Boy Band in the business. The Teenagers’ first single, 1956’s “Why Do Fools Fall in Love”, was also their biggest so I present to you


Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers – Why Do Fools Fall In Love


This next group originally formed in Chicago in 1952 as “Pirkle Lee and the Five Stars” up to 1954 when they changed their name to The El Dorados. They still tour in today in slightly altered line up but I present to you, in the original lineup, one of their top classic hits,


The El Dorados – Tears On My Pillow


OK, I can’t really add too much to your knowledge of this next group. I can tell you I saw them on their first tour of the USA as they went around the country as a warm up act for Vanilla Fudge. Frankly, as a producer of their concert in Chicago I was in the audience because of Vanilla Fudge but left a fan of Led Zeppelin. So I present to you.


Led Zeppelin – Heartbreaker


Ginger Baker, a speed freak for the sixties lived on after his stints with Eric Clapton and his various bands. No one could keep up with him, and like Gene Croupa he had addictions that helped make madness of the drums. I present to you,


Masters of Reality – Tilt A Whirl


Now I am going to pick a more rocking group from the 70’s and 80’s who really had an amazing sound. The band was filled with amazing musicians who created a tight musical entity. Because of the setting now in Spain and the Latin beats that they brought I present to you,


Little Feat – Representing the Mambo


That’s all the time I have right now and it is now time to close the show. I want to thank everyone for making this show possible and to the great artists who played the music. Remember that everything about this show including this script is up on in both English and Spanish, so get on the site. Register and comment about the shows. Let me know what you like and what you want to hear more of. I have a pretty large collection of music and you will be hearing more of it as we go along.