October 15, 2014

Ricks Radio Playlist #71

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Show number 71.

Show number 71 starts with a great bebop track leading us into some amazing old blues, then into some derivative classic rock that came from the early tracks I am giving you. I have several tracks from Guitar Shorty because I just love his guitar playing and of course, a tribute to the recently deceased Johnny Winter and Paul Revere. Many of these tracks are from the early blues movement and are re-mastered by me. You will be rocking your socks off with Ricks Radio today. I have tracks from Miles Davis, Clarence Gatemouth Brown, Carey Bell, Elmore James and of course I have the Beatles to close out the show. Lot’s of great blues music and rock. You will feel like you went back in time sitting right with these great blues artists.

Yep that means a veritable history of the blues! All these tunes have been re-mastered by me for the Rick’s Radio show and it is all here for your enjoyment.

So let’s get started and remember,

More music, less words because the music is more important than me.

Miles Davis – Donna
White Bebop Boys (with Stan Getz) – Frosty
Clarence Gatemouth Brown – I Live My Life
Carey Bell – I Got A Rich Mans Woman
Big Mama Thornton – Black Rat
Guitar Shorty – It Ain’t The Fall That Kills You
J.B. Hutton – Tell Me Mama
Elmore James – Shake Your Money Maker
Guitar Shorty – Bad Memory
Mike Bloomfield – One Way Out
Paul Butterfield – Look Over Yonders Wall
Johnny Winter – Sound The Bell
Paul Revere & The Raiders – Hungry
The Beatles – Octopus Garden

That’s all the time I have right now and it is now time to close the show and pop this cork scene. I want to thank everyone for making this show possible and to the great artists who played the music.

Tune in next week when I bring you more great and special music. I am going to go back to more of our jazz roots, blues and root rock’n roll. Yep, that means some great songs from great artists and all of them will rock your socks off.

So remember to tune in, turn on and drop by for more great songs from histories greatest artists! Thanks again for tuning in and see you next week!

Bye all!