February 25, 2014

New Radio Broadcast Hours

Ricks Picks

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Rick’s Radio has new broadcast hours on Radio Turia. You can still find the show on Wednesday nights from 9pm (21:00) to 10pm but the show will no longer be broadcast on Sundays.

The new hours for Ricks Radio has moved up to Saturday night! That’s right, it is like Saturday night fever and the new hours bring us into new territory as people getting ready to go out and party can listen to the best blues radio show in the world.

So listen in on Saturday nights from 7:30pm (19:30) to 8:30 (20:30). That means as you get ready to go out for dinner or to a party you can listen to Ricks Radio show and get your mind into a great night.

So, remember:

Wednesday nights 9pm (21:00) to 10pm

Saturday nights 7:30pm (19:30) to 8:30 (20:30)

Turn on, tune in, and rock out! See ya’ll there!