October 7, 2015

New Hours and New Stations

Ricks Picks

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Rick’s Radio now has new hours for the 2015 fall and winter!

So let’s start with the new radio stations picking up the Rick’s Radio Show!

riba-rojaRadio Riba Roja 105.2 FM now carries the Rick’s Radio Show on Thursdays at 21:00.
Brought to you by the town government of Riba Roja.
Riba Roja brings local and interesting themes to their radio locally and from the Valencia Provence.



Ràdio l'Om Piccasent
Radio Picassent – Radio L´OM on Saturdays at 20:00
You can find the live broadcasts for Radio l’Om 94.7 here.

Radio l’Om is part of the town of picassent and the radio station has its’ own live broadcast as well as broadcasting other great shows from the River Turia area.
Radio l’Om was one of the first great stations in Valencia provence to pick up the Ricks Radio show from our home station, Radio Turia.


Radio Turia logoRadio Turia – 90.3 Wednesdays at 22:00 and Sundays at 19:00

So now you have many places to get the Ricks Radio show and many hours to do it. No more missing the show and wishing you were there!

All of the Ricks Radio Shows are archived here. Radio A’la Carte. So if you miss a show go to the archives and pick out one, you will love it!