May 29, 2013

Music Playlist May 29 Radio Turia

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Welcome to Ricks Radio Show coming live from Valencia, Spain! Today’s show is dedicated to blues and rock from Chicago to New York with some Brits in between. Remember that each week’s shows are archived at Radio Turia punto es. And you can hear all the last 3 shows there, in other words the last months shows are available if you miss them. Also I post the play lists for each show at in English and Spanish so that everyone can learn what artists and tracks I am playing. The music is what’s important.

So let’s get on with the show!
First up I have the famous Chicago Blues screamer Richard Black. We can’t get enough of Richard Black Project and this first song epitomizes the power of this amazing guitarist, singer, songwriter, publisher and producer. Let’s have a listen then to,

Richard Black and Show Me Yours

Next up is the Chicago blues group The Eldorados. The track I am going to play signaled the re-emergence of The Eldorados. The Eldorados had their 1st Hit with My Cheri back in 1954 and are considered to be one of the “founding Fathers” of Doo-wap. Richard Black “rediscovered” this band and upon striking a friendship he took The Eldorados in the studio to track again 50 years after their landmark 1st hit. This arrangement is by The Eldorados, guitar & bass- Richard Black, keys = Ernest Bell, production – Richard Black & Sully Michaels. I present to you

The Eldorados and their song “Just Let Me Love You Again.”

Next up is an amazing female artist, again from Chicago, Vanessa Davis. Vanessa is still a Chicago’s resident where the Bluesy Soul Queen recorded this classic Chicago style R&B tune, which is possibly the best representation of her style, arrangement[s] and killer vocals. Vanessa went on to carry her music abroad and was released in South America via Richard Black and released on the LEADER Music label in more than a dozen countries in the Spanish-speaking world. We have a 1992 track and I present to you Vanessa Davis and Vanessa

This next group is no stranger if you remember my show “Top Female Rock and Blues Artists.” I have “All The Queens Men” who are a little bit of heaven with Amanda Williams on lead and rhythm guitar, Tamora Gooding on Drums, Catherine Capossi on guitar and the token man in the group, Chris Farrell. I present to you:

All The Queens Men – Plaything

My next track if from Melissa Reeves. Reeves is about as close as they come to a living incarnation of Janis Joplin. The wild screaming vocals and amazing timing along with dramatic highs and lows in the song are really amazing. I present to you;

Melissa Reeves – Into The Coven

My next track is from Richard Black Project and is about life on Chicago’s Streets. This was the first recording by the original Richard Black Project and was written to get attention in the UK. It is representative of the live sound of the band in 1992. Music & Lyrics by Richard Black & Rick Struple, Blazo on guitar, Brian McClure on bass, and Reeky on guitar & vocals. I present to you;

Richard Black Project – Victim of the street life

My next track is from the amazing guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughn and is a cover song from the 60’s. Recorded in the mid 80’s the song still has the beat to bring you to your feet today. I present to you;

Stevie Ray Vaughn – Pipeline

OK, now I am on to the Hellcasters. I just love these guys. They are studio musicians and you hear them on many other bands recordings. They really know what they are doing and I think you will agree. So I present to you;

The Hellcasters – Rockin The Dog

Well, now we have to go back to the mid sixties and a great psychedelic group called The Byrds. At this time everyone wanted to play guitar and be a star, so the band wrote a song on what the trip was like to become a rock’n roll star. I present to you;

The Byrds – So You Want to be a Rock and Roll Star

Going back even further I chose a cut from one of my teen year hot bands, Paul Revere and the Raiders. This band used to come to all the teen sock hops to play and was on constant tour. This let tens of thousands of teens get exposed to rock as it start to blossom out. I present to you:

Paul Revere and the Raiders – Steppin Out

Back to Richard Black now with a themed song that I will be playing in a couple weeks for the end of school and summer break. I present to you;

Richard Black and his hit Too Cool For School

How about a little break to some hillbilly rock? I have for you the king of rock’a Billy, Sonny George from his time with the band The Planet Rockers. I picked a track that not only has Sonny George on guitar and vocals, Eddie Angel, a wild Irishman from Albany New York, Matt Radford on Bass and Brian Nevill on Drums. The best part of this is another guest on the track, Mr. Pan from Japan who plays some amazing guitar. All of this makes this next selection special. From the CD Hillbilly Beat I present to you;

Planet Rockers – Hillbilly Beatnik

Next up is one of my favorite bands. I should just stop saying that since all the music and bands on Rick’s Radio show are my favorites or I would not be playing them. This is the powerhouse band Little Feat whose rock’n blues sound seems to add some of those Southern Rock beats. Lets get it on with;

Little Feat – Shake Me Up

Moving along to my next track I am going to treat you to another great Jeff Beck tune. Released in the 60’s. This song became a number one hit in the USA and helped shape the future of the British Invasion. I present to you;

Jeff Beck – Shapes of Things

Ahh now to one of the all time great innovators of the electric guitar, and one of the top guitarists that ever lived is Jimmy Hendrix. Singing and playing I present to you;

Jimmy Hendrix – All Along The Watchtower

Closing up this great show is another visit to the guitar pickings of The Hellcasters. Here to amaze you with some of the best guitar work on the top of the line Fender Stratocasters are the band that says it all. I present to you;

The Hellcasters – 5 minutes to spare

That winds up our show for this week. I will be back next week with a visit to the Psychedelic Sixties. We will take a trip down the multicolored world of the San Francisco and West Coast sound that took the blues, country and rock and mixed it into the amazing summer of love. Don’t miss it.

In the meantime I want to thank the folks at Radio Turia and all my friends in the Valencia province for helping out to make the show a reality. A big hola to all the folks in Lliria Ceramic’s class and special hola to Juanto and Manalo at Radio Turia.

Thanks for tuning in and I’ll see you all next week! Bye all!