May 14, 2013

Music Playlist May 15 Radio Turia

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Welcome to the fourth installment of the Rick’s Radio Show for Radio Turia. Specializing in the best blues, jazz and rock that you just cannot get on any other radio show.

I am starting this show with a very special recording of Patrice Chevalier. Patrice is one of the most amazing guitarists living today. He was guitarist for the band Tricky and toured the world with that group. As well as with B.J. Cole band. He is living in France these days out in the countryside playing music and creating things.

Also in this trio is the famous Bobby Valentine who is one of the greatest session men alive. With violin in hand the man rocks!

Then of course is B.J. Cole, who is legendary on the slide steel guitar. I do not know if there are any groups he has not played with; Depeche Mode, David Gilmour, Humble Pie, David Knopfler, Jerry Lee Lewis, Pet Shop Boys, Marc Bolan, Beck, Tom Jones, The Moody Blues, the list is amazing. You have heard this man many times and don’t even know it!

So I present to you a recording I did for back in the year 1999 at the 12 Bar of this group of great session masters. You can’t hear this anywhere except for Rick’s Radio! Patrice Chevalier Trio Live at 12 Bar Club.

Patrice Chevalier Trio with Patrice Chevalier on guitar, B.J. Cole on slide and Bobby Valentine on violin. Incredible music recorded live at the 12 Bar Club by

So I am keeping up the slant towards jazz and guitar with a nice selection from Joe Satriani. Satriani is an interesting fellow who taught more than he played. His students all went on to big bands. You will find Satriani’s guitar work in recordings of Deep Purple and on his own releases. His jazz background makes him a profound rock fusion guitarist and for that reason I picked this next song. So I present to you Joe Satriani and his song Headless.

Joe Satriani – Headless

Here is an interesting cut from a rare demo CD I acquired some years ago. From Keith Richards who has a great following here in Spain and, of course, the world. Richards seems to be prolific creating projects outside the Rolling Stones.

The track has some great rhythms and moves us right along with

Keith Richards 999

Well if you remember the Rolling Stones back in their day you remember Cream and their wild drummer Ginger Baker. His wild drumming antics and heavy beats  helped drive the Clapton led rock trio to stardom in the late 60’s. When the group split up each of them went their separate ways to other bands and solo projects. I picked a track from my rare collection. From the Masters of Reality CD

Ginger Baker and She Got Me (When she got her dress on)

I guess I should play a track from Cream, after all I just assumed you heard the band. From the late 60’s this band formed with Eric Clapton leaving The Yardbirds for greener pastures. With Jack Bruce on bass, Eric Clapton on guitar, and Ginger Baker on drums this was one of the first rock super groups.

I was very impressed when this album was released and remember listening to it many times. The songs embedded in my being. A malange of psychedelic rock to take your mind and body to another world.

I present to you one of their greatest hits

Cream – Sunshine of your love

I guess I want to go back to Ginger Baker because he was more than some speed freak rock drummer. Baker had the chops to take on some jazz and fusion whipping it all together to rock the night.

Great groups with great musicians are easy to remember but what the individuals in the band did afterwards is something many do not follow. But I found that Ginger Baker had the sound and helped many others achieve greatness outside their main bands.

So I present to you Ginger Baker with Rain and the Rhinoceros.

You will find me digging deep into my collections to find artists that I like and collect. One of them is Stevie Ray Vaughn. I watched him play on his last tour and while I loved him in the Vaughn Brothers band it was when he had his own band that he really stepped out. Stevie Ray was a great personality and his short reign as king of guitar ended with a small airplane crash, like so many greats before him. I present to you

Stevie Ray Vaughn and Voodoo Chile

Here I go again with another track from a CD not available on the market anywhere. A New York group called Jesse Evans and the Crash. A super group trio that carried the stage like no other in its time.

The CD is a demo for the group and only a few were made. The band played a lot of gigs at the famous Spiral Lounge in New York City. You can actually get some of those live concerts from digital footage at Lost Concerts.

I guess I was lucky to be able to meet a lot of talent that others never got to hear.

I present to you Jesse Evans and the Crash with their song Superhypermost

Next up is a very special track from a great group named Little Feat. This band from the 80’s and 90’s really has a unique beat and great sound. Something to really kick your heals up and get you on the dance floor. The track comes from the Little Feat CD representing the mambo which is a great CD that I suggest you buy for your collection.

I present to you Little Feat and their song Texas Twister.

This next track is from a 1967 45 rpm recording of Jeff Beck which I have digitized. This original rare recording is the only known where both Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page play together. While both of them were members of the Yardbirds they were never recorded together. Jimmy Page is not credited on the track and I am not sure why there was so much animosity between these two. Yet here is a moment in rock history that is for collectors only. I present

Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page playing Becks Bolero

Now I have the pleasure of treating you to some of the best guitarists of the 20th century. The band is The Hellcasters and was introduced to me by my friend Mike Nesmith. He was sending me all his stuff and included this project he was working on. Blew my socks off. The amazing harmonies and intricate guitar work created a tapestry of sound all its own. Astounding. I present to you;

The HellcastersThe Beak The Claw

For my last selection for this show is Richard Black the Chicago born Blues Screamer. From the famous Richard Black Project is pretty famous and had players like Samson and White Snake playing along side. He toured and opened the 1990’s World Cup soccer bowl tournament in the USA. So I present to you,

Richard Black Runnin Wild