May 1, 2013

Music Playlist May 1 Radio Turia

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Welcome to Ricks Radio. Today we have a really great selection of hits for you. I have put together a show using female artists, the Women of Rock’n Roll.  Featuring a variety of tastes from cover songs, singer songwriter, right into rock and blues.

My first selection today is a cover of the Lesley Gore hit “It’s My Party.” While the original is a great song the version I picked is from a 45 demo of Barbara Gaskin and Dave Stewart.

It’s my partyDave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin

Keeping with the cover theme this next song, Sealed With A Kiss, was first recorded by The Four Voices in 1960 as a single. Their recording never went anywhere and in 1962 Brian Hyland recorded the song and made  reaching #3 on both the Billboard Hot 100 and the UK Singles Chart.

I present Karen Lawrence And The Pins doing “Sealed With A Kiss”.

That was Sealed With A Kiss by Karen Lawrence and the Pins from the 1981 release Girls Night Out. Which moves us right into the next song from the same band, the title to her Album

Karen Lawrence and Girls Night Out.

Karen Lawrence was a prodigy of Jack Douglas, who worked hard to get her out to the world, but Karen was having none of that. This next song preceded her Pins album and was a release that Jack Douglas put together for her. A 1979 hit called “Wild In The Streets.”



That was Wild in the Streets by the band 1994 created by Jack Douglas to bring his new artist Karen Lawrence out. Karen was featured in hot pants and tons of spandex, none of which she liked. A rift broke out between Douglas and Lawrence and that was it for her works in this genre.

The next female artist we feature is Siouxsie and the Banshees an English rock band formed in London in 1976 by vocalist Siouxsie Sioux and bass guitarist Steven Severin. This track is from 1991, just before the bands break up and

I present “Kiss them for me.”

As we move in the harder women of Rock we are going to visit the West Coast of the USA for a 1995 release of Blue By Nature, which also features Karen Lawrence. Here she is finally in her favorite genre, blues and this song makes a real statement, Cadillac Blues

Blue By Nature and Cadillac Blues

Wow! That was some real tight blues and was produced by Jack Douglas, Cadillac Blues by Blue By Nature.

Next up I have an amazing singer guitarist. It’s Melissa Reeves and she is about as close as they come to a living incarnation of Janis Joplin. Her screaming vocals and amazing timing make this song take off. Here is

Curse of the Pharaohs by Melissa Reeves.

There is not much to tell about Kitty Hawk, my next band. They came, they played, they blocked the driveway and left. But before they did they left this amazing set and I have for you one track, so here is Richard.

Kitty Hawk and RICHARD

OH yeah, right on track for the next rocker, Melissa Reeves again with something a little more tight, EVIL

Melissa Reeve – EVIL.

So, it is probably nice to calm things down a bit now and the next artist was quite famous in England but never quite made it in the USA. It might be for the performance of this next song as her introduction to the masses in the USA. No one could quite figure out what she was about. Can you? I present to you Kate Bush and THEM HEAVY PEOPLE

That was Kate Bush and THEM HEAVY PEOPLE. A song about spiritual awakening and the Gurdjieff movement in the UK.

Our next artist is Jane Brody from Baltimore Maryland in the USA. She is a little red headed woman who sings and plays the guitar from New York City to San Francisco California. We met at the nightly singer song writers night at the Sidewalk Café in New york and I followed her growth for many years. Eventually I helped produce this next song with her and I present to you

Jane Brody and Every Dream.

On another side of the scale the next track comes from a band called “All The Queens Men.” A little bit of heaven with Amanda Williams on lead and rhythm guitar, Tamora Gooding on Drums, Cahterine Capossi on guitar and the token man in the group, Chris Farrell.

From their CD “DRAMA SUITS YOUAll The Queens Men and the song Mirror.

Next up is Rachael Sage, a wonderful singer songwriter who has a huge band. Usually around 6 to 10 instruments play on her sets. Her rhythms come with an eastern flavor and this selection sets that up nice. Our pick is her song Souvenir

I hope you enjoy these shows I put together for you. I just get so tired of listening to Rod Stewart doing Maggie Mae on the radio I had to do something. Right now I am giving you some broad stroke sounds with a focus. I plan to play a lot of rock, blues and jazz but will occasionally slip in some Reggae or world beats, you just have to stay with it and get music you just have to hear.

Next week we are going to cover the blues. Roots blues, in fact the roots of rock’n roll. It is a show not to be missed as I bring you the songs that gave inspiration to The Rolling Stones, Led Zeplin, Heavy Metal and rock in general.

That winds up our second show here with Radio Turia on Ricks Radio at Visit our website and let us know what you think. We’ll close out again with the Hellcasters and Peter Gunn, our theme song. See yall next week!