June 26, 2013

Music Play List June 26

Ricks Picks

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Welcome to the 10th installment of Rick’s Radio Show for Radio Turia. This show has a focus on rock that moves you with emotional music, stuff that makes you tap your feet and songs that sing to the heart and soul.


Just a word to make sure you know that there is a website for all this at RicksRadio.com. You can find all the information about these shows there and complete play lists that have just about all the information I give on radio plus it is translated to Spanish for all my fans in Spain. Big shout out to Radio Turia for bringing this show live to the Valencia province.


I am starting my show out with a really great talent. A man who plays the guitar and creates songs that stretch the mind and the body, Joe Satriani.


Joe Satriani is an interesting fellow who spent more time teaching guitar and music than he played. Most of those students all went on to big bands. You will find Satriani’s guitar work in recordings of Deep Purple and on his own releases. His jazz background makes him a profound rock fusion guitarist and for that reason I picked this next song. So I present to you Joe Satriani and his “Flying In A Blue Dream.”


Joe Satriani – Flying In A Blue Dream


My next selection features Damian McCabe from his CD “Nothin’ But A Blues Party.” These recordings are the result of former BBC sound recording engineer Peter Noble’s effort to capture the essence of one of West London’s finest blues bands. Take one of your favorite live bands, one of your favorite local venues and find a date at the end of a three week tour and literally mikes with faders and what you get is what you hear.


This next track comes from a live and direct concert with vocalist and guitarist Damien McCabe. McCabe is a funk blues man from Monahan in the UK and his band were doing their stuff in front of a “home” crowd on a balmy night in the summer of ’98.


The Globe Blues Club is the kind of 200 capacity intimate venue that puts the band in people’s faces and what you get is an amazing blues party recorded at the tail end of the band’s European tour.


Damien McCabe’s blues roots lie with the likes of Magic Sam, the early works of Buddy Guy and BB King.


I present to you Damian McCabe and killer song “Puzzled


Damien McCabe – Puzzled


Next I have a track from Cary Bell who was a legendary harmonica and bass player whose work with others during the 1950s, 1960s and early 1970s gave him an astounding reputation. Mr. Bell recorded as an accompanist or featured artist with Earl Hooker, Robert Nighthawk, Lowell Fulson, Eddie Taylor, Louisiana Red, Jimmy Dawkins as well as a frequent partner with his son, guitarist Lurrie Bell. The Blues Revue called Bell “one of Chicago’s finest harpists.” So I present to you, Carey Bell and Low Down Dirty Shame


Carey Bell – Low Down Dirty Shame


My next selection is one from John Primer from Camden, Mississippi and is an American Chicago blues and electric blues singer and guitarist. He played guitar at Theresa’s, a club in Chicago, between 1974 and 1980 and was influenced by Muddy Waters’ former sideman, Sammy Lawhorn, who taught him to play slide guitar. He joined the Chicago Blues All-Stars of Willie Dixon in 1979 and then the Muddy Waters’s band until the latter’s death in 1983. Finally he formed the Teardrops of Magic Slim and began a solo career on Wolf Records. I present to you;


John Primer – Still In Love With You


My next track is from Lionel Ward. Lionel can knock your socks off and turn packed crowds into dancing fiends. He is a world-class talent and top Elvis tribute artist who has amazed audiences around the globe. Lionel has toured internationally opening for such stars as: Alabama, The Bellamy Brothers, Johnny Paycheck, Johnny Rodriquez and the world famous Drifters.


Throughout his astonishing “Vegas Style” show, audiences not only rock to Elvis’ fabulous musical catalog, but revel in the presence of the King of Rock and Roll. So it is my pleasure to present to you;


Lionel Ward – Little Sister


What Ricks Radio show would be complete without a little Richard Black Project? Hot times summer in the city and out on the streets at night looking for hot girls. That is the next track from the amazing Richard Black and I present to you,


Richard Black – Hot Girls


Now for the first time on my show I am going to play one of the Beatles hits. The Beatles were one of my favorites and I caught their first shows in the USA back in the early 60’s. I always loved John Lennon and his bent on real rock and roll but in the early days the Beatles were just great and touched on all the emotions of growing up. The Beatles are the first band to write and perform their own original songs as a group and that set the stage for many of the bands in the future. So with that in mind I have chosen a great track, which is a cover song and I present to you;


The Beatles – Long Tall Sally


Howard Glazer is a Detroit native who moved to Chicago for a few years where he honed his blues skills before heading back to Detroit to rock them out.

Howard Glazer has performed extensively both nationally and internationally playing festivals and tours in the USA, Japan, Australia, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Greece, England, Germany, Poland, Canada, Norway, Finland and The Czech Republic. Maybe one day he will come to Spain. Now I am proud to present;


Howard Glazier – Gravity 3


Well let’s move on to another great song by the amazing Joe Satriani. Joe’s intricate tapestry of guitar licks blends well with his talent to sing. He can bring you into exotic and exciting places and I present to you,


Joe Satriani – Strange


The next track is from a really rocking talent – Morris Day with his band “Time.” In high school, Morris Day was in a band with Prince and André Cymone and this trio formed ay band managed by Day’s mother called “Grand Central,” which was later renamed “Champagne.”


The Time’s most prolific and visible period came in 1984, when Day played the antagonist to Prince in the feature films Purple Rain and Graffiti Bridge, which helped establish Day’s playboy stage presence


The Album Ice Cream Castle is the group’s most popular album and is best remembered for the infectious singles “Jungle Love” and the Rufus Thomas influenced, “The Bird.” With their palpable pop energy and catchy choruses, both songs were hits on both urban and pop radio.


Morris Day generates infectious music and riveting performances that inspire the audience to get up and move! I present to you,


Morris Day  and The Time –  Jungle Love


Next up are the Woggles, a four-piece band whose nitro-fueled rock’n’roll blaze a new trail. With a shared vision they bring their brand of insanity to you as true wildman and originators of three-chord rock. Fans around the world know that music fads and fashions may come and go, but the Woggles have always cut to the chase to bring the best of rock’n roll.


The Woggles have an extensive discography that encompasses a wide variety of CD & vinyl releases spreading over various international labels. They have appeared in several videos and independent films and have also contributed to numerous compilations, tribute albums, and film soundtracks. They have shared stages with such legends as Iggy & the Stooges, the Zombies, the Sonics, the New York Dolls, Johnny Cash, the Troggs, Dick Dale, Bo Diddley, Nancy Sinatra, the Pretty Things, and Big Star as well as new artists such as the Strokes, the Raveonettes, Beck, Holly Golightly, and Guitar Wolf.


I met them in the mid 90’s and have several rare CD’s from them. I present to you,


The Woggles – Kudzu Creep


Let’s move on ahead with an artist I played earlier in this show, Lionel Ward. A Brit who spent some time in Chicago with the Richard Black Project Lionel brings that British taste to an American standard to make British Blues stand out. I present to you,

Lionel Ward – Baby Please Don’t Go


What can you say, with a song like Baby Please Don’t Go we move right into a Beatles song again and I present to you,


The Beatles – Get Back


That’s all the time I have right now and it is now time to close the show. I want to thank everyone for making this show possible and to the great artists who played the music. Remember that everything about this show including this script is up on RicksRadio.com in both English and Spanish, so get on the site. Register and comment about the shows. Let me know what you like and what you want to hear more of. I have a pretty large collection of music and you will be hearing more of it as we go along.


Next week will be bringing you rare tracks from some famous people with a continued focus on summer, beach and fun. Get ready for beach radio! So remember to tune in, turn on and be here now.


Bye All!