July 31, 2013

Music Play List July 31

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Welcome to the 14th installment of Rick’s Radio Show for Radio Turia. This show has a focus on summer, summer vacation, summer love and stuff like that. This is rock that moves you with the emotions of summer. Listen to the tracks as they tell you a story.


Just a word to make sure you know that there is a website for all this at RicksRadio.com. You can find all the information about these shows there and complete play lists that have just about all the information I give on radio plus it is translated to Spanish for all my fans in Spain. Big shout out to Radio Turia for bringing this show live to the Valencia province.


I am going to open the show with a song from one of my very good friends, and one of my guitar teachers Roger Bunn. Roger was a musical activist and dedicated his later lift trying to help musicians get their proper pay. I choose a track from his only solo release made in the mid sixties, which reflects the true hippie spirit creating rock at this time. Roger Bunn blends some intricate jazz with modern topics and instruments and takes us for a ride to the Far East. I present to you,


Roger Bunn – Road To The Sun


Moving right along in keeping with the jazzy rhythms we are going to hear another rare track from a live performance broadcast first at OnlineTV in 1999. This trio of famous touring and studio musicians does not have any official releases. The only recording of this comes from a live video available from Lost Concerts. I think you will really like this so I present to you,


Patrice Chevalier, Valentino and Cole in a live 12 Bar Performance


This next track comes from one of the top songsters of the 50’s and 60’s none other than Roy Orbison. Roy was the original laid back, sun-glassed rocker and when he sang it came from the heart. The track I am playing is something you wont hear on other shows and yet it blends is great voice with some cool rocking music. I present to you,


Roy Orbison – I Drove All Night


I hope you see I am taking you all on drive time these days and that is why the theme right now is for driving along in your automobile. I always try to give you some roots blues and todays show is no different. I am going to introduce you to Big Bill Broonzy whose career started in 1920 playing country blues. Here for your pleasure is a song from the more than 300 this guy wrote before he died in 1958. I present to you


Big Bill Broonzy – Trucking Little Woman


Well, the next band does not need much introduction. It is Dire Straights and I just want to refresh your memory that Mark Knopfler is the guitarist here and his artistic flaying of the guitar is legendary. I present to you a rare track


Dire Straights – Iron Hand


Now I guess we should move to the bar and get a tall cool one. Hey what a great name for a song. I am going to play this next track from Robert Plant, remember him? He was the singer for Led Zeppelin. So I present this rarity to you,


Robert Plant – Tall Cool One.


The times were ripe in the 60’s and music of the 60’s was pure rock at times. I have decided to give you a great collection bands playing the same song. Each week about mid way through the show I will be giving you a track of the famous song “Louie Louie.” This song was composed by Richard Berry and was taken to first fame by a version by The Kingsmen in 1963. I will save that version for another show. So the first of 11 versions of the song comes from none other than Paul Revere and the Raiders. I present to you,


Paul Revere and the Raiders – Louie Louie


Next is an amazing gem from a gifted guitar player, Eric Clapton. This comes from the live Knebworth performance and includes Steve Ferrone on drums and Alan Clarke on keyboard. I present to you,


Eric Clapton – Sunshine Of Your Love


Lets move along to another guitar great, Eric Johnson. I just love these guys. Eric is one of the few guitarists whose quest for perfection preceded him. I am sure you will find his playing more than just playing. I present to you,


Eric Johnson – Righteous


Ok, lets get into some scary music with a Spanish theme. You have heard this band before on Ricks Radio and you will hear them again. I present to you,


Deadbolt – El Sadistico


My last track for this show comes from my good friend Andrew Oldham. Andrew is more than just a manager or someone who discovered The Rolling Stones. He is the essence of rock music in both understanding and arranging. I am lucky to have this private tape with several arrangements where Andrew takes the Beatles hits and gives them the Oldham touch. I present to you,


Andrew Oldham – Please, Please Me


I hope you enjoyed today’s show as we wound our way through another great summer musical set.


That’s all the time I have right now and it is now time to close the show. I want to thank everyone for making this show possible and to the great artists who played the music. Remember that everything about this show including this script is up on RicksRadio.com in both English and Spanish, so get on the site. Register and comment about the shows. Let me know what you like and what you want to hear more of. I have a pretty large collection of music and you will be hearing more of it as we go along.


Next week will be a very special show as it is my birthday show. It’s my party and I am going to play songs only from people I know, worked or lived with. I will be bringing you rare tracks from some famous people. Some tracks you may have already heard and some will be completely new. It will be hard choices because I have a lot of music friends and tons of their music. While the show will be many of my favorites there just will not be enough time to bring them all on, but it will be a nifty show of my close friends and choice picks. So don’t forget! It is Rick’s birthday next week so tune in!


Remember our summer shows are Wednesday from 9pm to 10pm and Fridays from 7pm to 8pm. Now all you have to do is tune in, turn on and be here now.


Bye All!