Ricks Radio Show #173

June 18, 2017

Ricks Radio Show #173 (Past Events, Radio Show)

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June 18, 2017 - June 18, 2017

7:00pm – 9:00pm

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Rick’s Radio Show #173

Welcome to the Rick’s Radio Show coming to you live from Valencia, Spain via Radio Turia. I have a great lineup of music here for you today. I return to my regular format of jazz, blues and the rock it inspired. It’s all set out and ready to go. So get ready to tap to the beat!

Today’s show is another amazing trip through the life of jazz, rock and blues with the added twist that they are almost all summer related. I have 14 great tracks and you are going to get some great sounds including Stan Getz, Richard Black, Paul Samson, Eddie Cochran, The Doors, and a lot more. This show will surely be another super favorite for me and it is filled with many of the hits we grew up with. They all have a commonality with summer, summer fun, love, heartbreak and hot stuff.

Yeah! This is a great show and you will feel the flow with the best of jazz, blues, and the rock’n roll it inspired.

You can listen to this particular archive RIGHT HERE!

Each week I publish the playlist with all the details and information you hear on the radio. ON Ràdio Túria 90.30FM : You can listen every Wednesday from 9PM or Saturday’s at 7PM. Listen to the best of Rick’s Radio Show! More of the best blues, rock and jazz you could want. The playlist is available on the day of the broadcast. You can hear the live broadcast at THIS LIVE LINK

ON Ràdio Riba Roja 105.2FM : Hey! Shout OUT to Radio Riba Roja 105.2FM the smartest pueblo in Valencia! You can find us there on Thursdays at 21:00. Hello Radio Riba Roja!

On Piccasent Ràdio l’Om 94.7FM Saturdays at 8PM. You can hear the show live on this live link More music, less words, because the music is more important than me.

¡Más música, menos palabras porque la música es más importante que yo!

Direct from La Eliana, Spain comes the “Rick’s Radio Show” live on Ràdio Túria, 90.3 on local radio. You can hear the live broadcast at THIS LIVE LINK

If you are not able to Listen to the show live you can find the last archives of the show at THIS ARCHIVE LINK

Rick’s Radio Show has a focus on blues, rock, and jazz with some great rare gems that are only available on Rick’s Radio.