Radio Riba Roja – Ricks Radio Show #117

November 26, 2015

Radio Riba Roja – Ricks Radio Show #117 (Past Events, Radio Show)

Ricks Picks

November 26, 2015 - November 26, 2015

9:00pm – 10:00pm

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Rick’s Radio Show – Radio Riba Roja 105.2FM

This show is number 117. I am doing something special on this show today. I am starting with a song from Francis Bebey a Cameroonian artist, musician, and writer. The song is sort of a love song, and I hope you enjoy it because it would be considered African blues of a sort. Then I go on to start out with a long live set from the Jazz greats, the Bopland boys! Then we jump right into the old blues and ease up through the years to listen to the blues blend right into rock and roll with Chicago blues screamer Richard Black. You will also hear some amazing sitar rock from Volker Kriegel and even a set by the Animals.

This month we are dedicating all the shows to the great ceramista Pilar! She is recovering from some surgery and we are all hoping she gets back soon! Go Pilar! With that you can expect the shows to close with many Beatles tunes that reflect the tone of the show and working to get Pilar back on her feet!

Each Week you can hear Ricks Radio on Radio Riba Roja 105.2FM on Thursdays at 9pm (21:00)

There is no online broadcast of Radio Riba Roja, if and when it ever comes online you will find the link here.

¡Más música, menos palabras porque la música es más importante que yo!

If you are not able to Listen to the show live you can find the last archives of the show at THIS ARCHIVE LINK

Rick’s Radio Show has a focus on blues, rock, and jazz with some great rare gems that are only available on Rick’s Radio.