Eric Johnson Ah Via Musicom

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Released: February 28, 1990


Eric Johnson is an American musician, songwriter, and vocalist from Austin, Texas and born August 17, 1954. Best known for his amazing electric guitar Johnson is also a highly proficient acoustic, lap steel, resonator, and bass guitarist and also an accomplished pianist and vocalist.

My pick is “Ah Via Musicom” and the first song I pick is “White Cliffs of Dover” with its soaring guitar solos and reflective transitions.

Eric Johnson is best known for playing stock Fender Stratocasters and Gibson ES-335 electric guitars through a triple amp setup that consists of Fender, Dumble and Marshall amplifiers. Johnson has also played other guitar brands such as Robin, Rickenbacker, Jackson and a Charvel, which appears on the cover of the album featured here “Ah Via Musicom.”

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