Charlie Christian The Genius Of The Electric Guitar

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Released: February 19, 2019


Charlie Christian
The Genius Of The Electric Guitar

My first artist for the first show at radio Turia was Charlie Christian’s “Waiting for Benny.” The cut I used is from his release “The Genius Of The Electric Guitar.”

Charlie Christian is credited with being the first to use, and record, the electric guitar with a big band. Amazingly enough Charlie Christian played with Benny Goodman and many of the tracks on the album are from days with the Benny Goodman Band.

I like the whole album and buying the CD is a good idea as it is remastered from original.

I picked this guitarist and track to highlight his playing. There are no rough edges or effects so you have a clean jazz guitar. But if you listen you can hear the basics of the blues. Since this cut was recorded around 1939 it set the tone for the future.

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