BB King Ultimate Collection

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Released: March 15, 2005


BB King, the king of the blues, from his ultimate collection of hits.

BB King is the acclaimed king of all blues. I chose one of his popular big hits for my first show, broadcast at Radio Turia, since it is a very popular tune. Perhaps one of my favorites is his love song “Sweet Lucille” where he sings about his life with his favorite guitar. It is not available as a single download and only available on the “Lucille” album so I did not put that as my first choice for you.

Ranked by Rolling Stone magazine as No. 6 on the list of top 100 guitarists of all time. His mark on music stemmed from his use of vibrato and string bending which he used to move notes in a smooth transition. His huge fingers could bend notes like no other before him.

This collection of songs will give you a great glimpse of his abilities and varieties of style.

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