About Us


Rick’s Radio takes to the air again.

Rick’s Radio has taken on a new show in the heart of Valencia, Spain. You can find the recent shows at Radio Turia starting the first Friday of March 2013.

Rick’s Radio started many years ago when Rick was working at the WFMU radio station. With several slots as a character on the Glenn Jones Radio Show he worked bringing the station onto the Internet back in 1995.

Rick worked with Online TV and Music TV from 1996 to this day and brought over 3000 concerts live to the net using the most advanced technology at the time.

With over 40 years in the music business Rick has not only just collected some of the best music but has a huge collection of rare music recordings and even more video of live concerts with all the rights associated. The concert listings can all be found at Lost Concerts web site but not all those old digital recordings have been taken from the digital tapes to files for you to see.

So if you are looking for some great music to discover Rick’s Radio is the place to be.