Rick’s Radio is radio history with artists that span over 100 years of recorded music over the 20th century and 21st Century. Rick’s Radio brings a historical view of the electric guitar and blues. Starting with the first recorded electric guitarist, Charlie Christian from 1936 and ending with Eric Johnson from 1999.

Rick’s Radio is a freeform radio show that can be heard on a variety of radio stations around the world.

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Rick's World News

  • October 7, 2015

    New Hours and New Stations

    Rick’s Radio now has new hours for the 2015 fall and winter! So let’s start with the new radio stations picking up the Rick’s Radio Show! Radio Riba Roja 105.2 FM now carries the Rick’s Radio Show on Thursdays at 21:00. Brought to   More...

  • May 13, 2015

    100th Rick’s Radio Live Party

    Are you ready to party? Rick’s Radio, in conjunction with Radio Turia and support of the Ajuntament, will be doing a special 100th anniversary show live in the auditorium in the Casa de la Joventut in L’Eliana. Entrance is FREE!! Mark your cal  More...